Monday, May 26, 2014

Dog Days

Random thoughts as Sancha battles in the ICU:
I adopted Sancha on January 23, 2003. She went into the hospital May 22, 2014. 11 years, 4 months: (365 x 11) + 3 (leap years) + 119 days = 4137 days.
I left her with my mom for one 3 month research trip to Spain. - 91 days.
She stayed with sitters for 3 4-6 week research trips-- approx. - 105 days.
Approx 15 days of conference or vacation travel per year post-grad school (2008-) - 105 days

So I think of the last 4,137 days, 3,836 have featured:
      at least 3 trips outside with Sancha, one decent walk around the neighborhood: weather permitting, often a long walk including a stay at a park or coffee shop
      Sancha sleeping with me, either curled up in the crook of my knees or in my laundry pile or recently, my box of sweaters, not just at night, but all day as I work and read.
Sancha following me every time I get up to go to the fridge or the bathroom
      At least one exuberant, unconditionally blissful Sancha welcome upon return home, featuring figure-8s, frenetic tail wags, and levitation
      A soundtrack of dream sighs and snuffles, barks, nose-pushing-empty-supper-bowl-across-floor, and the clackclackclack of nails on wood floors.

I challenge you to find two living things who have been closer. My house is so empty. I miss you,

Sancha. Hang in there.

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