Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm about to give up on all political, policy, or moral issues that don't directly involve my walks, food, or chew toys...but here's one last shot.

Sunnis. Shiites. Jews. Christians. Watch and learn.

This is a cat (see comments) with whom I have had some issues. We have lived in close quarters and yes, there were occasional border skirmishes. I was, I suppose, the occupying power, but I had no other place to go. We both had ancestral ties to the land (my grandmother's house, his mom's) and its sacred sites (the food bowl, the bed). This was all made particularly difficult by the other species co-existing in this pluralistic society (humans, fleas). So I know whereof I speak.

Anyway, this same cat has just linked my previous post to his website. He has also referred to me as "a friend." I am touched, so touched that I am about to boldly go where no dog has gone before. It may not win me immediate fans among the more extremist sectors of the canine community, but I suspect that the hounds will respect my decision and maybe even come around when they see the inner peace and day-to-day tranquillity which this step has created in my life. They will see that I have not compromised my identity as a dog, nor have cats stormed my apartment and replaced my kibble with catnip. So here goes.

Two friends.


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Blue said...

How sweet. I'm touched too -- and I don't even remember the picture. Thanks.