Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dale here:

First of all, there has been an inexplicable LOT of Sancha hair between the keyboard keys lately. Very odd. Is she sleeping on my laptop?

Anyway, with the thought of Sancha and laptops on my mind, I saw a cute idea at (a website that is sponsoring a monthlong post-every-day campaign, like the National Novel Writing Month. What a cool idea, too bad I don't possibly have time to post every day.) It's a little online pet. Anyhow, since Sancha can't go online, I though it would be nice to have a little Sancha simulacrum on my page. Their isn't much of a physical similarity, but if you click on Sanchica the eyes follow the cursor much as Sancha's do any piece of food (although the "puppy treats" box would, if this were truly Sancha, have long ago been shredded into unrecognizable filaments).

adopt your own virtual pet!

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