Wednesday, November 08, 2006

With all the country up in a fuss about politics, I thought I'd turn to a truly important subject.

A few thoughts about ears.

There are two good kinds of ears.

1) The individually rotating, hypersensitive, attuned to the sounds of the movement of individual air molecules kind. Left and right capable of full range of independent movement. Used to express Oscar-worthy range of emotions, often in conjunction with tail and eyes. Often, but not necessarily, oversized.

2) The oversized, totally out of control, at any moment at danger of being stepped on, turned inside out, or flopped over head kind.

As you can probably tell from my picture, I am a member of the first group, but I confess that it's more fun to play with members of the second (something to grab hold of). (If you don't belong to either group, that's okay too, I'm sure you can make up for it with your eyes or tail.)

Anyway, it's been raining and I've been sleeping all day, so nothing more exciting to report. I'll follow up with my aesthetic analyses of paws and fur in days to come.

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