Sunday, November 19, 2006

So it's over.

I'm out. Missed the post yesterday (and am down to six minutes in today--hope I can type fast.) But the obstacles I had to overcome! How many of the other bloggers in this contest were forcefully detained, dragged against their will to a place of detention, and kept in a room without access to internet for 48 hours? And even despite all of this, managed to break several layers of security to post from the very computer of their detainees?

I think there has to be some extenuating circumstances amnesty for this contest. I'm going to keep on blogging and bark my case if necessary at the end.

Update: out of kennel, back with grandma and mom, had a great walk and was allowed in several trendy shoe stores, including one in which the proprietors fed me. Plus I found two large chunks of chicken and a hamburger on the way home. Cruel detention largely forgotten/forgiven.

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