Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dale here:

Have the Jehovah's Witness people noticed the irony of the fact that, at the very moment they knock on my door to hand me (at 9AM Saturday morning) the pamphlet with the beautiful sunny peacable kingdom picture on front, promising an Eden where the lion will lie down with the lamb, they have turned my just-moments-before calm and peacefully sleeping Chihuahua-Corgi into a hysterical, barking mess? It would be hardly less appropriate if the cover of the pamphlet read "Heaven: Where Nobody Wakes You Up at 9AM on Saturdays."

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cooper said...

Amen, Dale. Amen. The worst offenders around here are the Mormons. They seem to be everywhere. They used to be knocking on my door on a regular basis, but not so much anymore. Maybe there is some sort of undetectable sign or mark (like the hobos used to do) out by the street, that warns unsuspecting proselytizers off.

Nice concept for a blog, BTW. Have a good day.