Thursday, November 30, 2006

The examined life

So, we come to the end of a month of nonstop posting. I'm glad I did it, because I had a lot of ideas accumulated from 8 years of existence and it was good to get them out, but I have to say that the biggest thing I've gotten out of this experiment has been an appreciation of what a horrible idea it is to blog every day. Blogging every day means you have to have something to write about every day, which means that every moment is spent analyzing, thinking, phrasing, and it's so exhausting that you miss the fun of just being. I was so worked up about not having anything to post yesterday that I almost walked right past an abandoned chicken wing! And once I spotted it, I was so caught up in thinking about how I was going to work this into a moral lesson for the blog, I hardly remembered to enjoy it.

Maybe it's because they are so sadly deficient in most of their sensory organs, but humans in general spend way too much time thinking. Particularly overeducated, citified humans like my mom. One of the great pleasures of being a dog is that you can just turn it all off--in fact, turned off is our default. Days go by in smells, and sounds, and veeerrry long dreams full of lambchops and 24 hour off-leash parks, and tummy rubs...and you don't have to think about what each smell means for the future of the planet, or what each tummy rub signifies in the interspecies dialogue. It's good to think about these things every once in a while, but really, I think once a week is sufficient. Constantly thinking just gets you stressed and grumpy and you miss out on having any experiences that would be worth thinking about, that might really produce some good ideas.

So one more piece of advice to the humans out there--one more suggestion from across the species divide: let the ideas, the posts, come to you at the pace that they want. One a week, max. The unexamined life might not be worth living, but the overly examined life isn't living at all.


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Sancha,

Welcome to - great to have you here, and I am sure you will make lots of friends :-)


Mosilager said...

I agree completely with that!

T-man said...

Hi Sancha! I've never met a dog that likes Spanish literature. I don't read much myself. I just watch my mom read :)


MoonShadow and the RavenFeather Poodles and Pekes said...

Sometimes it is hard to blog more than onece a week. Especially if a human has to help more than one canine with their blogs. We sure do love to read the blogs often though. Moon and family

cooper said...

Jeez, Sancha, I hope you were mindful of the chicken bones and didn't "wolf" the wing right down. That might end all future tummy rubs in a heart beat. I'm glad you enjoy tummy rubs; cats, on the other hand, think a hand on their back or under their chin is just barely tolerable, but a hand on the tummy is something to be attacked and shredded. I am not able to retain this lesson for some reason and repeatedly give blood for no good cause at all.

I'm glad you wrote on November 30, since that is my birthday and I have been feeling sort of down about being old and realizing life keeps moving on. Of course, in dog years, we're about the same age and since you're thinking mainly of the next meal, I hope this will not distress you for long. Carry on with the good life and I've keep contemplating my navel and searching for the meaning of life. Howl at the moon (or a fire truck) for me tonight, okay?

your pal,

Baily said...

hello there, just came across your blog!

wow one month of posting, i got a lot of catching up to do ;)

nose licks

Life with Ozzy said...

Hey welcome to the group Dogs with blogs.
You've been Christmas tagged come visit my blog to see what you need to do.

Wirey hugs,

Cubby said...

Good work! I can tell you are tired by the dearth of posts in December!