Wednesday, November 15, 2006

GRANDMA IS COMING! GRANDMA IS COMING! There is nothing quite like a grandma, especially if you are the lone "child" of a nearing-30 single female parent, and ESPECIALLY if that child is the lone child of her parent. I am sleeping up for a weekend of nonstop indulgence.

In other thoughts, I want to recommend a book (for when you break into your owner's Amazon account). I know it's annoying and seems pointless to try to keep up with humans' self-made disasters and suffering, but as you see by the description, their idiocy affects us too. If we want to look out for each other, sometimes we have to pay a little more attention to them than we might otherwise want to.

Here's a description from Publisher's Weekly:

From Publishers Weekly
The news from Iraq keeps getting grimmer, but Iraq veteran Kopelman and journalist Roth (The Man Who Talks to Dogs) tell a tale of radiant joy about Kopelman's efforts to safely transport Lava, the stray dog his Marine unit found in the wreckage of Fallujah, back to the U.S. Though the premise sounds cloying, Kopelman and Roth eschew sentimentality. They don't hesitate to detail the corruption of the Coalition Provisional Authority and the U.S. military bureaucracy or the extreme hardships of the Iraqi people. Kopelman's nagging qualms about keeping the dog in violation of military orders throw into relief his efforts to repress his guilt over working so hard to save a dog amid so much human suffering. Most bracing are the frank descriptions of the war's moral vacuum, where terrified men and women—like the dogs that Iraqi insurgents strap with bombs and send charging into the enemy—are driven to commit unspeakable acts they cannot possibly understand. The story of Lava's journey out of Iraq is exciting, but it's to Kopelman and Roth's credit that it's not nearly as harrowing as the story of what the dog left behind. 8 pages of b&w photos.

Makes me realize how lucky I am to have a nice, safe home (well, safe because I scare all the threatening visitors away, but at least they are unarmed and go peacefully), with lots of toys and food, although let me be clear--I can always appreciate more. (What is this about a dog premise being "cloying" though? Humans...)

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