Thursday, November 16, 2006

A lot of blogs seem to fall into the category of "random thoughts and experiences of their authors." I find these interesting--what is it that prompts people to want to share their random thoughts and experiences with the world, yet not agressively enough to write a book? To put yourself out there, but not necessarily have anyone see you? If it were just to "practice your writing" or "get your thoughts down" or even "record every moment of your child's life"--then why put it online? Some blogs get lots of cool comments and feedback, but most don't. (It's not that I disapprove--far from it, I can spend hours reading these!) What makes someone want to put their diary online?

Anyway, this got me thinking as to why I am blogging, and I realized that I have two audiences. Most of my posts are to my co-canines. We are completely neglected by media, and yet who spends more time home alone than dogs? (Yes, often napping and gnawing on things, but sometimes you've got to take a break. Or go online to order more things to gnaw on.) I want to create a site for dogs--where we could talk about things of interest to us, and share tips for negotiating humans, even start some grassroots campaigns to roll in...I mean to make our voices understood and not just heard.

But I also know that a lot of blog readers are humans, and I feel like I can provide something for them too. Being a dog gives you a different perspective on human behavior. We dogs spend a lot of time learning from humans (sit, stay, bark at Jehovah's Witnesses), and I think it might be time to make this a dialogue. I don't want to preach, just make some observations, and share some of the things my friends at the park have mentioned.

So that's my mission statement, I guess. I have no idea what drives mom to stick her random two cents in every few weeks. Maybe she'll give us a clue the next time she logs in.

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