Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Someone in Brooklyn city government must have read my both my post about the relative lack of change in the aerial environment (see Saturday, November 11) and the sad state of lighting in the park. The last few days, I noticed strange new lights up in the air, all around the neighborhood. (Dogs don't see color the same way as humans, but we are very sensitive to light. Plus in one spot there was a weird semi-dog-like creature, which, after careful scrutiny turned out to be made of plastic, accompanying one of the light displays. Looked like a Great Dane with the better part of a tree tangled in its ears). Anyway, I didn't pay much attention.

But today, we go outside to the park after sunset and : lights, everywhere lights! It was so exciting and beautiful! I don't know how they did it or why, but between the smells on the ground and the lights in the air, I almost didn't know what to do! I take back my criticism last week of the park authorities...I mean, it still puts my fur on edge when I think of the jerk who drove into the empty (except for a few fellow dogs, trying to get a romp before sunset) park at 4:48and blasted via loudspeaker that "IT IS NOT YET 5 O'CLOCK. ALL DOGS MUST BE ON LEASHES. IT IS NOT YET 5 O'OCLOCK!" Please. Get a life. Go write tickets to the fleas or something if you're so worried about animals off leash that bite viciously. Or at people who DRIVE THEIR GIANT 96 HORSEPOWER POLLUTION-SPEWING TRUCKS ON THE GRASS. If you're concerned about park quality of life, that is. Grrr...

Sorry. Anyway, what I meant to say was that I have forgiven all this. Because some attentive and sensitive soul in the park hierarchy must have read my blog and taken the trouble to illuminate the whole area closest to my apartment so I can see after dark, and not just with boring old streetlights (you've peed on one, you've peed on them all), but with glorious colors and blinks and flashes. Now I can get my snacks, socialize, exercise, and see great art all at the same time. It's like having a gym, a museum, a restaurant, and a bathroom all in one. What a gift... they should create a holiday and do this every year!

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